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2018/10/22 · Millions of Americans are dreaming of what life would be like if they became a billionaire overnight. Here's what the Mega Millions payout would really be if you win the $1.6 billion prize. Check out Lottery Critic's very own Mega Millions Payout and Tax Calculator. We have both annuity and lump sum payouts calculated along with an annual breakdown of taxes by state and more. 2018/10/22 · The Mega Millions jackpot alone has soared to $1.6 billion with a lump sum of $904 million. "We're in unchartered territory," Gordon Medenica, Mega Millions' lead director and the director of Maryland Lottery and Gaming. 2018/10/23 · If you’re watching the Mega Millions drawing tonight, you may find that you matched only two numbers that were drawn. Does this mean you won something, even if you didn’t win the big jackpot? Yes, if you match two.

Mega Millions Prizes You win Mega Millions prizes by matching the numbers you pick to the numbers drawn in the game, and there are nine different prizes on offer. You can win $2 for correctly predicting just the Mega Ball, right. Top 10 Mega Millions Jackpot Winners Here you can see the top ten Mega Millions winners in the game’s history. You can also view information about the total winners and payouts for each drawing by selecting the date. Mega Millions Taxes Hopefully, you are here because you’re already a Mega Millions winner. But unfortunately, Mega Millions taxes and the lump sum payment option will greatly reduce those winnings. Use this tool to see how much.

Current Jackpot: $55,000,000 To play Mega Millions online you need to either pick, or allow a Quickpick computer programme to pick for you, five different numbers from 1 to 70 white balls and one number from 1 to 25 golden ball. Mega Millions broke the record for the United States' largest lottery jackpot when a $656 million prize was awarded on March 30, 2012. Since then, two Powerball jackpots have broken that record, with a $1,586.4 billion prize awarded. Mega Millions at a Glance Mega Millions is one of the two large multi-state lottery games played in the U.S. Draws take place in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesdays and Fridays, at 11 p.m. ET. The game costs $2 a ticket and is played by. The jackpot has now been set to $50 million with a cash option of $33.4 million. The next Mega Millions draw will be on Friday, December 27, at 11 p.m. ET. The most recent jackpot winner was on December 17. The winning numbers.

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